401(k) Marketing Solutions

A Digital Growth Strategy that delivers appointments with qualified prospects is likely your number one goal. We can help

Are you an advisor who wants to build or expand a 401k book of business and take the work out of managing smaller plans? How do you do that?

Rev8lation can help you by providing a digital marketing growth strategy incorporating websites that engage,  SEO that drives prospects to your website,  and other marketing programs. All to help you secure appointments with qualified prospects, retain your current clients, and gain referrals through achieving a higher engagement rate with your brand.

1. The first step

Should read – The initial consultation with a Rev8lation marketing professional is FREE – WITH NO OBLIGATION. This allows us to provide a proposed plan to you. This plan could include initial branding or re-branding, website development and implementation, video development and implementation.

2. The second step

Upon your acceptance of a Digital Marketing Growth Strategy proposal, we begin work in collaboration with you on your detailed needs from the general proposal. This step takes 2-3 weeks to perform and requires you or someone designated by you to be the liaison between Rev8lation and your company. This person needs to be accessible have the creation of the strategy as a high priority.

3. The THIRD step

This is where we go from strategic to tactical. At this step, we will identify where the specific areas of need are greatest and have the highest
opportunity to meet your needs. We then drive tactical implementation plans for each area and bring them all together for a digital growth strategy that has the best chance of meeting your objectives. We also determine the tracking and reporting required to determine if the program needs to be tweaked over time. Finally, we deliver the plan to you in detail with pricing and time frame estimations. This step can take up to 1 month to effectively

4. The FOURTH step

Over a period of 6 months to one year with the help learn about the metrics developed in Step 3.  We analyze the program’s tactical success at achieving the optimal Digital Growth Strategy for your practice.

5. The FIFTH step

Continually make adjustments if necessary and continue to monitor our successes and failures, adding needed changes and driving your digital presence to as high a level as possible. 

6. The (highly recommended) optional step

We have partnerships with high-level service providers who focus on making the selling and servicing of 401k plans as easy for advisors (and their clients) as possible. Especially on plans under $5M in assets, the offering of these service providers is the “easy button” to 401k selling and servicing for retirement advisors.

(3(16) administrative fiduciary and TPA
3(38) fiduciary investment manager
What this approach provides you is:
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